Executive Board

The Executive Board are the founding MWBE Business Owners.

This core team manages and makes decisions on behalf of the MWBE Alliance.

Executive Advisory Council

The Advisory Council supports the Executive Board with specified and expert knowledge in areas that impact our members at large. They act as ad-hoc committee leads, working toward specified goals. 

General Membership

MWBE members vetted to provide a high level of excellence in conducting business with NYC, State and Federal agencies.

our structure

The NYC MWBE Alliance (“the Alliance”) is  a group of minority and women owned business enterprise (MWBE) firms.  Each of the MWBEs in the Alliance specializes in a wide range of services including, but not limited to, general contracting, janitorial services, public relations and marketing, event planning and information technology.  The purpose of the Alliance is to provide support, information and partnerships for MWBEs located in the New York City area, concentrating on opportunities with the agencies of New York City, New York State and the Federal Government.  The Alliance serves as the liaison between MWBE firms, prime contractors and government agencies, providing opportunity for feedback, dissemination of information and a host of other services.

In a locale as diverse as New York City, we understand the importance of MWBEs participation on local projects and what it means to the growth of our city.  Increasing the ability of MWBEs to provide our goods and services directly leads to the creation of thousands of jobs and millions in economic activity throughout the region. We have a vested interest in seeing competent MBE/WBE/EBE firms compete, perform and grow at levels that we have yet to see in this City.

our approach

who we are